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Tim Cohrs, Reporter

1. What do you enjoy most about the opportunity to be a reporter for the Panther Press?
I enjoy the experience. Being able to experience the life of a  journalist is a big deal for me as I have always wanted to be one since I was young.
2. What is your favorite quote, life motto, or the words you live by?
My favorite life motto is "You never know if you like something unless you try it." This motto can be universal and apply to anything in life.
3. What is the one food item that you couldn't live without?
One food item I cannot live without is chips.
4. Three words that describe you:
Energetic, social, and caring.
5. Your three favorite news sources (any form of media):
My favorite news sources are Fox News, ABC News, and Forbes.
6. If you could have dinner with any three other people (dead or alive), who would they be?
If I could have dinner with three other people I would have to choose Steve Carell, Kevin James, and Adam Sandler.
7. Favorite hobby:
My favorite hobby is playing video games.
8. Favorite holiday:
My favorite holiday is Christmas.
9. Favorite class at Klein Oak (besides Journalism):
My favorite class at Klein Oak is Computer Science.
10. Your Twitter handle:
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Working on a proposal to help the human body function better while in space for long periods of time, Marcelo Carpenter and Jullian Taylor-Jordan analyze the data they’ve collected over the past few months. If the team’s proposal is accepted, the Science Department could be awarded thousands of dollars for a new research lab.

Genes In Space

May 20, 2019
Hriman Shah won 1st place at a UIL practice meet at The Woodlands High School in February.

It’s All Academic

April 7, 2019
Winning several top awards at the Texas Forensic Association State Tournament, junior Skylar Dixon-Englert, junior Ayo Adereti, Coach Angie Richard, Coach Debby Carpenter, senior Jeremiah Williams and senior Marc Wynne display the championship hardware.

The Debate Continues

March 19, 2019
Marc Wynne advances to finals and brings home the winning cups for placing 2nd in Humorous Interpretation and 4th in Program of Oral Interpretation.

All I Do Is Wynne

March 6, 2019
Apex Legends, released Feb. 8, is already gaining popularity with avid gamers due to its high standard of graphics and by the fact that it is free.

Rising to the Apex

February 22, 2019
Bundles of KOulture bands awaits for deserving students.

Lammers Golden Tickets

February 5, 2019
Secret Santa participants are filled with joy while they open the gifts they received.

Merry Wishmas

December 17, 2018
Apple Grapples Ideas

Apple Grapples Ideas

December 4, 2018
Guest speakers from student council, Macie Hutto,and  Dharius Daduya  joined the show to discus homecoming events.

The Rising Of KOTV

December 4, 2018
The actors help the play come to life by staying true to their characters.

Don’t Say It!

November 8, 2018
Debate students bring back more hardware from their recent big win at the Klein Tournament.

Debate Keeps Winning

October 23, 2018
Liz Scott Commits To OU

Liz Scott Commits To OU

October 10, 2018
Glenn Starts New Tradition

Glenn Starts New Tradition

September 10, 2018
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Tim Cohrs