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Harry Styles performs on NBC’s Today Show wearing a baby pink suit, a color traditionally associated with femininity. Styles is known for wearing clothes that fit what some people label as non-masculine; recently, he wore a dress for a photoshoot that famously drew criticism from speakers like conservative voice Candance Owens. The backlash he’s received for doing nothing more than dressing how he wants to reflects the necessity in our society to let go of terms like “feminine” and “masculine.”

Destroying Femininity and Masculinity

Erin Walters, Co-Editor-In-Chief
March 22, 2021

History of Fashion

Annika Esseku, Podcast Editor
December 17, 2020

Online Shopping Climate Crisis

Alessandra Esquivel, Co-Editor-In-Chief
December 17, 2020

A Bright Blue Light is Not a Good Sight

Jake Curl, Senior Writer
December 17, 2020

A Die Hard Fan of Holidays

Matthew Stuckey, Staff Reporter
December 17, 2020
Being put to the test Jake Curl takes a daring bite of Denny’s pumpkin pecan pancakes not aware of the rough journey his taste buds were going to take. WIth much enthusiasm he ventured to sit at every restaurant and see what fall food was to be offered.

Add a Little Spice

Jake Curl, Senior Writer
November 2, 2020
This Halloween, students try to get creative while staying socially responsible when choosing costumes.

Don’t Try These At Home

Chasey Almirol, Publicity Editor
October 22, 2020
Onward’s opening days were cut off when cinemas closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, it was released early on the online platform Disney+ where it’s available for anyone with a subscription to stream. It currently resides on the app’s front-page rotating banner for ease of access.

Onward and Upward

Erin Walters, Staff Reporter
May 6, 2020
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