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The production highlights different sections of the band to showcase specific talents. One such group ensemble includes the saxophones.

Marching Into History

Reagan Massey, Guest Writer
November 4, 2021
Students and staff this year have the choice to wear a mask or not.

Corona Continues

Kamryn Marroquin , Editor
October 24, 2021
Students are able to use their cell phones during passing period and at lunches. In the classroom though, students are to put phones and earbuds away.

Calling Off Cell Phones

Jillian Gonzalez, Staff Reporter
October 24, 2021
With social media offering a large audience quickly, students who  support causes can spread the word quickly.

Performative Activism

Vanessa Darko , Staff Reporter
October 24, 2021
Students 16 and older are given a chance to experience working a local election while earning a paycheck.

Do Your Part!

Chasey Almirol, Editor
August 31, 2021
As the new school year begins, the 2025 Freshman Class is invited to attend a social party this Friday at the school with games, photos and fun to get to know new people and come together as a class.

Aloha, Class of 2025!

Vanessa Darko , Staff Reporter
August 24, 2021
As graduation nears, valedictorian Sarah Lalani prepares to set off confetti for a photo shoot. Lalani plans to pursue a career in medicine.

Acknowledging Honor Graduates

Alessandra Esquivel, Co-Editor-in-Chief
April 28, 2021
Sophomore Grace Luu navigates through her online learning by multitasking, writing notes and concentrating on a Zoom meeting.

The Learning Debate Continues

Chasey Almirol, Publicity Editor
February 1, 2021
Rioters stormed the capitol of the United States in an attempt to overturn the 2020 election. Throughout the past year, protests and riots have become rampant across the country as political unrest continues to divide the public.

The Poison of Politics

Madison Miles, Staff Reporter
January 28, 2021
Practicing the varsity rifles warm up exercises, Winter Guard captain Danielle Fontenot concentrates on technique and skill set. The guard will present their performance titled The Introduction of Color at the first contest of the season.

Prepared to Win

Jillian Gonzalez, Staff Reporter
January 28, 2021
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