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Hard at work, sophomore Gwyneth Gonzalez gets used to student life on campus.

Back to Business

Carys Luther, Editor
September 9, 2021
Melissa Borges makes a sandwich for a customer at Potbelly while working her summer job.

Money Maker

McKenna Russell, Senior Writer
September 9, 2021
Lines of buses and cars wait to get out of the south lot right after school. “There was an incident a couple days ago where a car pulled into the exit during peak traffic time after school...another car pulled in behind… causing one of the lanes to be stopped up,” Cole said.

Parking Problems Prevail

Jillian Gonzalez, Staff Reporter
September 3, 2021
With students at home spending hours online for class, comfort has become a necessity. On campus students have also started following the comfortable clothing trends.

Dress for Success or Dress for Rest?

Morgan Jones, Broadcast Editor
April 28, 2021
As summer approaches, teens prepare to find jobs to help fill future resumes and to fill wallets. According to predictions from business leaders, teens across the nation could hold up to 2 million jobs this summer, which is a highly projected number as teens fill jobs that adults pass on due to the lower wages. Because of the pandemic, most adults over the age of 20 are looking to secure incomes high enough to make up for a year of lost wages in order to better support their families.

Summer Job Scramble

Meredith Carassco, Staff Reporter
April 28, 2021
This NFT of Homer Simpson and Pepe the Frog sold for $320 thousand earlier this year. The picture is a one-of-kind which helps to explain the price tag. The card seller was Peter Kell and the maker is Matt Furie.

Confusion Behind NFT’s

Preston Jones, Senior Writer
April 28, 2021
Sarah Fuller kicks off as the first woman to kick in a power five game.

Playing Like a Girl

Pablo Jimenez, Staff Reporter
March 22, 2021
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