Debate Finds Success Early

                The award-winning Klein Oak debate team has been hard at work preparing for their upcoming season. Students on the team spent their summer preparing for various events such as Congressional debate, Lincoln-Douglas debate, prose, poetry, and oratory. Some students decided to do their preparing at home while some students decided to go to various debate camps in Texas and across the nation.

                “This summer I went to a camp at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory in Houston to learn about theories and strategies that are going to help me this year,” Vice President, Julian Syzska said.

            Some students decided to memorize whole scripts for the individual acting events such as Humorous interpretation, Dramatic interpretation, Prose, and poetry over the summer to make sure they are the best they can be for the first tournament.

            “During the summer I’ve been collecting pieces for my prose & poetry events and I have been memorizing my lines,” said sophomore, Madi Syzdek.

            The team had their first meeting Wednesday Aug. 31st filing a whole room with new members and returning members excited to start this new season. There were also several people new to the team that attended this tournament and they were so excited to start their first season

            “I thought the meeting went really well and I was very interested. This meeting made me more intrigued and I look forward to competing and making new friends,” senior newcomer, Xavier Hunkin said.

          They had their first debate tournament that happened on Sept. 28th and 29th at Kingwood High School and the whole team was very excited and are expecting wins. The team had several wins here, including the overall sweepstakes trophy as the team accumulated the most points at the tournament.

          “This is the best performance at the first tournament in the history of Klein Oak debate,” said Richard.


Congressional Debate- Jeremiah Williams: 1st place

                                          Skylar Dixon-Englert: 2nd place

Program of Oral Interpretation- Marc Wynne: 2nd place

                                                        Rita Yonkeu: 7th place

Oratory- Jeremiah Williams: 1st place

Poetry-Madisyn Syzdek: Finalist

Humorous Interpretation- Marc Wynne: 1st place

                                             Hajar Mohammad: 3rd place

                                              Tim Cohrs: 4th place

                                               Rita Yonkeu: 6th place

                                               Kevin Kim: 7th place

Prose- Hajar Mohammad: 4th place

Dramatic Interpretation- Hajar Mohammad: 2nd place

Individual Sweepstakes Winner– Jeremiah Williams (First time in KO history!)