The Rising Of KOTV

School news takes a modern approach.


Jaron Spinler

Guest speakers from student council, Macie Hutto,and Dharius Daduya joined the show to discus homecoming events.

Lights, camera, action! This is heard in Panther Den almost every Thursday where KOTV films their weekly episode. Multiple students work the lights, teleprompter, and even creating graphics.

KOTV was founded by Assistant Principal Eric Lammers last year as a way to convey information in a unique way to the staff and student body. Before KOTVs creation, the only means of delivering information to the school was through Twitter,Facebook, Panther Press, morning announcements and flyers.

“We were looking for a way to share things on campus that was more than 140 characters,” Lammers said. “Twitter was the best way to share info at the time but this was much better.”

Lammers received the inspiration for this show from his previous position at The Woodlands High School which had a biweekly news broadcast. Lammers evolved this idea and makes it his duty to involve students in the show and to make it more accessible for every student in the school.

“I wanted to mold the news idea but I also wanted to go to different locations on campus to catch students in their natural element,” Lammers said.

The production started off being aired spontaneously with a small team consisting of two people (Principal Thomas Hensley and Mr. Lammers) sharing information to promote different clubs and activities around the school. This did not stop them from creating the show as Lammers and Hensley did all they could to make KOTV the best it could be, as their earliest videos were recorded and edited on a cell phone.

“The first video was done in one take since I didn’t know editing,” Lammers said.

As the student body started seeing the episodes, more students got interested and wanted to join the team so they could bring something valuable to the production. “I saw KOTV as a filmmaker as something I can do and learn more about filmmaking and be part of something new,” senior Jaron Spinler said.

While Spinler brought the camera skills to the table, more student members came on to the team at the start of this year bringing talents such as graphics, editing, lights, and development of creative ideas.

“I love it. It’s like a whole show with multiple people,” Spinler said. “I created a whole organization for KO students to be a part of when I’m gone,” Spinler said.

The organization isn’t all about filmmaking, but it’s also growing together as a community within Klein Oak.

“I always used to joke around with him [Jaron] and his other friends about KOTV,” junior Axel Morales said. “But when he asked me to join him in KOTV this year, I joined. Jaron is the reason I’m here.”

KOTV films every week in room 1019A and they work very hard to produce episodes aired every Monday. Oftentimes, they even staying up late on weekends editing and working together to make the show.

Students interested in joining the KOTV team should contact Lammers in the senior principals’ office, room 102 or email him at [email protected].