Lammers Golden Tickets

Wristbands display positive behavior for KOlture


Jacob McCready

Bundles of KOulture bands awaits for deserving students.

Teachers and administrators are working together to encourage positive behavior and a thriving learning environment by implementing a new incentive program for students called the KOlture Rewards Program.

The basis for the program is to reward positive behaviors. Whenever a student is caught displaying positive behavior they will receive a yellow “KOlture band” which can later be redeemed for prizes and even access to special events.

This rewards program is part of the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) initiative led by Assistant Principal Eric Lammers and Behavior Specialist Jennifer Ferrigno. They formed a committee of teachers and staff committed to making the school a positive place to counter negative behavioral issues that were occurring.

“For many years I taught kids who had trouble in school due to behavior issues,” committee member, Dr. Kristin Hall, said. “These students had trouble learning due to their behavior issues and I want to fix that issue.”

Plans for KOlture band recipients include KOlture “mobs” where administrators randomly visit classrooms and hand out snacks and other prizes to students wearing their bands. They are trying to demonstrate to students that they will be rewarded in life for actions when you least expect it.

“I envision it will be a motivator for students to be the best they can be,” PBIS Committee member Jennifer Degutis said.

Big plans are coming in the near future as KOluture gains popularity, but according to committee members this will be a process.

“It is going to be years until the KOlture bands become a regular thing at Klein Oak,” Lammers said.

Overall the point of the program is to promote positive behavior which will then increase academic achievement.

“Long term, I hope we have more student success as a result of less discipline issues,” Lammers said.

Students are enthusiastic towards the program idea to create a positive learning environment and they are also excited to receive rewards for behaviors that most of them exhibit on a daily basis already.

“The KOlture mob seems like a nice way to reward students for their above average behavior and attitude,” junior Madisyn Syzdek said.