Audience Laugh at Murder


          The award winning Klein Oak Theater had been steadily preparing for the newest production, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 that premiered Sept. 21 since August.

          The production was a comical murder mystery with the cast portraying a group of people that gather to audition for a musical comedy when someone gets killed. The play is  filled with twists and turns that left the audience wanting more.

          “This play [Musical Comedy Murders of 1940] is hilarious and my 2nd favorite play ever written,” director, Mr. Darin Garrett said.

          Auditions for the play happened last May and the cast and crew came up two weeks before school to rehearse and construct the set, props, design costumes and everything needed to make this play possible.

          “We started blocking [the movement of characters on the stage] the show right off the bat and by the end of the week we had the whole show blocked, which was very productive,” senior Hayden Olds, who plays Patrick O Reilly said.

            The staff have enjoyed every practice and were excited to perform.

           “The actors have been laughing at every rehearsal. You know as a director if the show is good if the actors are laughing and this show is just hilarious,” Mr.Garrett said.

          Additionally, this is Mr. Garrett’s first show to direct at Klein Oak since he joined the theater department . His students were excited about his vision for the production.

          “I’ve been in shows before but this is special as it was my first time I did a play with Mr. Garrett. I love working with new people and having an expanded crew such as set builders . More people make any show more fun,” Mason Hunter, who plays Roger Hopewell, said.

           This is also the new head theater director , Mr. Eric Domuret’s first play he oversaw and help directed at Klein Oak.

          “It is like a dream come true to work with this amazing cast and crew,” Mr. Domuret said. “They’re dedicated, kind, talented, and what every theater teacher dreams of walking into.”

          The set was intricate as it was a library room of a mansion with secret passages with bookcases hiding them. This was an integral part of the show as the mystery revolves around the secret passages inside the home.

          “I love the show. I see this and look back to what I did in high school theater,” said English 4 teacher Vanessa Riley.  Now, is better scenery wise, music wise, and acting wise.”

          The costumes helped validify the setting and tone of the story and the costumes crew said they had a wonderful time preparing for this production .

          “I have had a fun experience working on the show and the people in it,” said junior Casey Schrampfer.

          The play was previewed on Thursday, September 20 to English classes throughout the school day. It was an opportunity for most students to be able to see a portion of the show before the big premiere the next day.

          “I loved the second scene,” senior, Paris Lewis said. “I loved the intensity, drama, and conflict in this scene.” “Overall the play preview was very well produced and had me at the edge of my seat.”

          The largest audience packed the house on the final night.

          “I loved the show,” junior Jacob Marquez said. “I know a lot of students in the cast and crew and I loved coming out to support them. Klein Oak theater has great performances and I was not disappointed.”

          Mr. Garret said he was pleased with the number of people who came to watch the show.

          “It was a great turnout and I loved the audience. It was the best audience we ever had,” said Garrett.


Helsa Wenzel                                           Rachel Lynch

Elsa Von Grossenknueten                     Adrianna Brasher

Michael Kelly                                           Luke Sexton

Patrick O’Reilly                                        Hayden Olds

Ken De La Maize                                      Timothy Thomas

Nikki Crandall                                          Abigail Reed

Eddie McCuen                                          Andrew Kusman

Marjorie Baverstock                                Lizzy Cooper

Roger Hopewell                                        Mason Hunter

Bernice Roth                                             Ava Bryant

Figure in Black                                         Dharius Daduya


Stage Manager                                           Alexis Brady

Assistant Stage Managers                   Joel Reyes & Saki Vale

Set Design                                                  Caroline Knight

Set Construction:                                    Katie Fisher, Ethan Perez,

                                                                         Kara Stevenson & Blaine Wiegand

Costume:                                                     Katelyn Corrigan (Lead)

                                                                         Casey Schrampfer (Asst)

Lights:                                                          Aaron Kersey (Lead)

                                                                        Cassidy Stanley (Asst)

Sound:                                                           Makenna Hamm (Lead)

                                                                        Sydney Shell (Asst)

Props:                                                            Ashley Ryland (Lead)

                                                                        Erik Gordillo (Asst)

Publicity:                                                      Dylan Delgatto (Lead)

                                                                        Madeline Austin (Asst) Lily Tungol (Asst)