Trump Rallies Houstonians

President Trump visits Houston to show endorsement for Republican Candidate Ted Cruz


Isabella Sharayha

Trump supporters could watch his speech from any seat in the Toyota Center as his image was projected to the big screen.

Despite his continued controversy, President Donald J. Trump visited the Toyota Center in downtown Houston to voice his support for the Texas Republican senatorial candidate Ted Cruz on Oct. 22.

People came from all over the community, state and nation for this rally to back both politicians. Many people decided to come to the event, filling up every seat possible and leaving many outside. Numbers indicated that 100,000 people tried to get a ticket, but the stadium only holds 18,000.

“A lot of people showed up [to the rally] and it was a huge crowd,” senior Isabella Sharayha said. “Some people couldn’t get in and it was so cool to see the support.”

Trump decided to come support Cruz despite their rivalry in the 2016 election where they exchanged hateful names such as “Lyin’ Ted,”

Isabella Sharayha
The Toyota Center fills up with citizens who were eager to hear what President Donald Trump had to say.

“sniveling coward” and “pathological liar.”

 “His [Donald Trump’s] endorsement of Ted Cruz was very interesting considering his opinion of Cruz during the presidential election,” senior Jaiden Downtain said.

The mainstream media describes the rally as being offensive and dividing the country. However, attendees of the event felt a nationalist atmosphere from this event and said that the view on Trump’s rallies are incorrect.

 “Everyone thinks Trump’s rallies are loud and disruptive, but I never felt more American [at the rally]”, senior Kaylee White said. Think about 18,000 people singing the National Anthem.”

 Those in attendance describe a surprising amount of diversity at the event. There were people of all backgrounds showing their support for both Trump and Cruz despite some media outlets reporting that the rally was primarily all one race.

“A lot of people say Trump’s supporters were white, but it was so diverse,” White said.

While several cultures were represented at the rally, there was also support from both males and females. Women were pictured holding signs saying, “Women for Trump,” which showed support even though some say he devalues women.

“Democrats say women who support Trump are fake but it’s not true,” White said.

People also got to hear the views of both politicians which almost perfectly align with each other on their stances on controversial issues such as immigration, sanctuary cities and the border wall.

“I totally agree with it [Trump’s Houston visit] as Ted Cruz has the same ideologies,” said White. “They both want lower taxes and the wall built for fewer illegals[coming] into the country.”

Overall the rally was a way to bring Republicans together and for Cruz to get the President’s seal of Approval on his campaign along with educating and persuading voters to support him in the upcoming election.

“I thought it [the rally] was amazing and Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and I have similar views and it was cool for him to come out and spread the word [about the election],” Sharayha said.