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Favorite part of staff: The great people that are so nice, funny, and open- minded 

Favorite part of Klein Oak: The people. Everyone is really nice, helpful, and are so included in the school 

Clubs and activities you’re involved in: NHS and Mu Alpha Theta 

Words to live by: "It's never too late" and "Don't let fear ruin happiness, it's better to have live than to not have lived at all." 

Favorite things: My dog Winnie, painting, hanging out with my mom, and going out to eat with my dad 


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At the end of a semester, before taking a dual credit course, students must fill out the course approval and parent consent form. This is so Allison Wallace, the dual credit counselor, can approve the student for the courses they will list and to make sure that student’s parents are aware of the college level courses.

Dual Credit or AP?

January 24, 2022
Students are able to use their cell phones during passing period and at lunches. In the classroom though, students are to put phones and earbuds away.

Calling Off Cell Phones

October 24, 2021
Students take advantage of the new and improved lunch menu.

You’ve Been Served

October 24, 2021
Lines of buses and cars wait to get out of the south lot right after school. “There was an incident a couple days ago where a car pulled into the exit during peak traffic time after school...another car pulled in behind… causing one of the lanes to be stopped up,” Cole said.

Parking Problems Prevail

September 3, 2021
Practicing the varsity rifles warm up exercises, Winter Guard captain Danielle Fontenot concentrates on technique and skill set. The guard will present their performance titled The Introduction of Color at the first contest of the season.

Prepared to Win

January 28, 2021
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Jillian Gonzalez