Is it from the Future? Aliens?

Monolith appears across globe


AP Images

The first monolith, on the right, was first found in the middle of the desert in Utah. After it made news, it was gone. Eventually, after theories were being made on why it was there in the first place circled the internet, the same monolith made several appearances around the world as seen on the picture on the left. The question is still remaining about the origin, appearance and disappearance of this monument.

Towards the end of November, a monolith was discovered in the middle of the Utah desert when a helicopter pilot came upon this tall and shiny sculpture. Once it made news, it attracted people. However, on the evening of Nov. 27, it disappeared. No one knows who placed it there or who took it away shortly after but theories are abundant.

“There was a guy who admitted to taking it, some professional mountain climber and adventurer who said he did it,” junior Diego Arriaga said, “So many people were going to the area and destroying the land as it was the part of the national park with no parking lots or restrooms and people were destroying the land just to see some art. It’s bad but they did it for a good cause to save the environment from some internet craze.”

Although people taking the monument for nature purposes might have been a reason for the disappearance, other rumors have been circulating on why it was there in the first place.
“These could be the Men in Black with their mind erasing device. Since it cannot work on a global scale, it’s is why they say “leave no trace behind.” They do not want any evidence pointing to the existence of aliens,” senior Devindra Sookram said.

Some people theorize that a time traveler might have to do with the existence of this tall pillar in the middle of the desert.

“Perhaps it was people from the future,” junior Grant Beaber said. “They left it there on accident and had tools from the future to “leave no trace.”

It may be aliens or time travelers, but others say it could also be someone trying to make art.

“It’s probably just a publicity stunt or an architect or painter that left it there as something only they’d know about and didn’t want to get identified and fined if it was somewhere it shouldn’t have been,” junior Harrison Watts said.

But recently there have been other appearances of this exact monument in other places around the world such as Romania, California, Nevada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Colorado, and Columbia. To this day, the reasons for these monolith’s appearances are unknown, and it is a waiting game to see what happens next.

“The monoliths are there and have always been there,” history teacher Cory Blake said. “It is the fact that we are only aware of four dimensions that it appears that they are there, then not there. We have to expand our consciousness to accept these transdimensional archetypes for what they really are.”