Prepared to Win

New director readies winter guard for upcoming contest season


Debbie Fontenot

Practicing the varsity rifles warm up exercises, Winter Guard captain Danielle Fontenot concentrates on technique and skill set. The guard will present their performance titled The Introduction of Color at the first contest of the season.

Flags waving and guns in the air. No, it’s not the presidential inauguration, it’s winter guard competition season and all eyes on the prize as the season approaches.

“During the fall and marching band season, we are the visual aspect of the band and work with the band to create a show,” color guard director Andrew Seebaran said. “Our winter season is a little different. We perform without the band and on a smaller stage which allows us the ability to showcase a wider variety of tricks and skills.”

However, this year’s competition season will be different from the rest due to social distancing guidelines to keep everyone safe.

“For the four years I’ve been in Guard, we experienced competition in person. Winter Guard International has decided to go all virtual which means [other color] guards can watch us through live video as well as the judges,” senior Danielle Fontenot said.

Although being virtual is something new, it does not limit our color guard’s performance.

“Being virtual and complying with these new guidelines have really focused us to think out of the box in terms of how we can make a show that was intended to be seen live, still exciting and engaging for everyone watching at home,” Seebaran said.

Since the changes in the way the color guard will perform are small enough to comply with, they are still preparing to put on an exciting performance and will not change the amount of effort they give.

“The team has worked so incredibly hard since the start of school. I am very confident in both teams and based on their dedication and work ethic alone, we will be more than prepared,” Seebaran said.

Furthermore, the confidence that color guard has in themselves will make them a secure team when competing in the multiple division the team will face.

“We are still aiming to be extremely competitive,” Seebaran said. “We are striving to earn first division ratings at each performance and to score well in each of our judging captions.”

The team is striving for first place in each division, this means they must meet and exceed the scores in four different areas that the judges will look at within their performance.

“There are multiple divisions for different classes of guard. Many teams make up these divisions and perform five-minute shows that are all intricate in their own ways,” senior Lydia Butts said. “They are judged by technique, dance, performance, and timing.”

Not only is there a new and revised season approaching, but this was also a brand-new year for Seebaran to join the color guard family.

“We have a new amazing director this year: Mr. Seebaran makes sure to give us that motivation to go and do better. He has really made this team come together and make it magical,” Fontenot said.

With Seebaran getting the team together, they seek to win first place when they begin competing in February.