Much Ado About Something

First dramatic performance planned for spring semester


Courtesy of Oak Theatre and Eric Domeret

In the last major play of the old theatre Bright Star, the cast stands for the last goodbye. They face the audience as the audience is up for a standing ovation for the end of the play. “It was a sad moment for me as this was the last play I was in and it went very well, but it is great to have a new auditorium for the new cast to enjoy.” graduated senior Ethan Perez said.

After months of construction, the auditorium is open to new performances and plays; the theatre is up and running to perform their latest Shakespeare show Much Ado About Nothing. The auditions will be at the end of January with many students in the theatre department production classes looking forward to it.

“I’m excited for auditions because we haven’t gotten the chance to perform live theater in forever,” sophomore Julian Brown said. “We had a zoom performance and a pre-recorded performance, but I’m excited to possibly get the chance to perform a show for a live audience.”

Much Ado About Nothing is a comedic Shakespearean show that takes place after soldiers come back from war. It’s a love story about two people who go from hating to loving each other. Many people consider Shakespeare boring, but adding a comedic aspect can be a great way to attract a new audience and attention to Shakespeare.

“Auditioning is always a roller coaster ride. You get hyped up practicing and preparing to audition, but once you are there you get nervous,” sophomore Christiana Coker said. “I love auditioning for our first show; it is super exciting. I look forward to performing. and helping put on a great show whether I make it or am on tech.”

Another aspect of the play is that the cast will be performing with clear masks. The goal is to create a better connection to the audience by being able to fully see their facial expressions after living where seeing facial expressions can be hard because a mask will cover the bottom half of the face.