The Ball’s in Their Court

Tennis players take on changes


Claire Baker

Sophomore Daniel Duque serves the ball to the opponent in hopes of gaining an advantage in the match.

With the tennis team fighting until the end against every opponent they faced, the athletes have overcome many changes to end the season on a high note and with fond memories of a season well-played.

Even while destroying on the court, the athletes are always striving to improve and adjusting to changes .

“The biggest change is probably the new players who joined our Varsity team,” junior Diego Miranda said. “They are very talented and experienced. They bring a great mood to the court that helps us come together and feel like a team. Even though it may be an individual sport, we still see each other as family. We have new members on the team, and even though they are still learning, I can say they are a fine addition to this team and bring excitement to the court.”

Training around the construction of new courts on campus, team members confronted the obstacles before them.

“Training-wise, even though we only have two courts right now, our coaches have managed to give us a full and proper practice that has helped improve all of our skills and strategies,” Miranda said. “This has helped us in our matches to bring the best out in each other through support and comfort. But I’d say that the biggest change in our Varsity Tennis team is the environment.” 

As the season unfolds and more challenges appear, the team captain continues to show how he leads the team and brings them to victory.

“Being loud and confident really helped the team to succeed,” senior Varsity Captain Pedro Gachinerio said. “Me being loud gave confidence to my teammates, because when I was loud they would think I was doing well so it made them do well too. Being captain also helped me overcome big challenges, because it gave me confidence to know that I am the leader of the guys team.”