UIL Theatre Preview


The UIL Theatre Team poses for a picture after their performance. 1st row(Left to right): Dylan Delgatto, Hayden Olds 2nd row: Makenna Llamm, Lauren Clarke, Cassidy Stanley, Madeline Austin, Katelyn Corrigan, Abigail Reed, Katie Fisher, Lizzy Cooper, Ava Bryant, Aaron Kersey, Luke Sexton, Timothy Thomas, Dharius Daduya 3rd row: Caroline Knight, Rachel Lynch, Ashley Ryland, Adrianna Brasher, Mason Hunter, Andrew Kusman, Blaine Weigand

Sign language is something many people want on their bucket list. It’s something people say they want to learn, but it takes time.

Recently, participants of the UIL Theatre Team took only a couple of months to learn sign language for a whole 40 minute performance.

The UIL team performed last on March 4 at Conroe High School and advanced to districts. With that win, they earn a chance to advance to an even higher spot on March 22.

Cast members have already made improvements made for this upcoming show.

“I’ve been making sure to not get comfortable,” junior Andrew Kusman said. “I need to stay focused on important things like lines.”

Cast members said it’s difficult to present a whole show with sign language as well as normal speaking lines like Kusman’s character does. However, the whole cast is determined to give it their all no matter what.

Junior Lizzy Cooper, the main female lead who portrays a deaf character, communicates in sign language for the entire show.

“I want the audience to feel pity but also be surprised by this character,” Cooper said.

This performance is designed to bring heavy emotion into the audience; a performance that could help Klein Oak theatre team advance to another round for the first time in several years.