The Office leaves Netflix

“NO! GOD! PLEASE! NO!” is a quote some The Office fans are saying now that the show is leaving Netflix after 15 years. The Office is Netflix’s most successful show with 192 episodes and over 52 million minutes streamed on a one-year average. With humorous b-roll cuts and awkward interviews as if they were a reality show, many viewers were drawn into the comedy.

“I’m sad that it’s leaving Netflix,” junior Jacob Doyle said. “It was a very humorous and engaging show. There’s a lot of pranks and weird funny moments that people don’t expect from watching the show.”

Fans cite different reasons to enjoy this show with an appeal to a wide range of individuals. A comedy isn’t for everyone, but it has an appeal to many people around the world. Even for anyone who hasn’t watched the show, the actors and actresses are known worldwide strictly because of The Office.

“It catches my eye that I learn new Easter Egg type stuff every time I watch the series over and over again,” Doyle said.