Loving Mums

Students’ personal choices on types of mums


Cooper Cannon

Taking a different approach, sophomore Martha Vicent searches for a mum from student council for a more affordable price.

Everything’s bigger in Texas… including the high school tradition of mums.

With homecoming came bells and whistles, and students could choose whether or not to buy traditional mums or a mum alternatives.

I would honestly wear any mum, especially a teensy finger mum. I think that could be a cool and cute way to show spirit for Hoco. I would honestly put mums on my shoes if I wasn’t so inclined to trip all the time,” junior Taylor Alexander said. “I would absolutely wear hair mums because I don’t think I do enough different hairstyles, so I think that would really up my game, even though it might be a bit heavy.

As the years pass and traditions come and go, teens have adapted homecoming to modern times and their options on the Texas tradition of mums have expanded.

“I would wear a small hair mum because I think that it would be cool to try something different,” junior Olivia Theiss said.  “I would probably wear an ankle or shin mum because I think it would be like tying bandanas on your leg at camp, but you’re putting on your mum.”

Students also considered different options because of the high cost of traditional mums.

“I really do not think big traditional mums are necessary. Yes, they are big and beautiful, but they cost so much to wear just once,” senior Allyson Janowski said. “The newer styles like finger mums are cuter and super cheap compared to a $200 mum I will wear once and a finger mum that costs $20.”

The Student Council also presented students with the ability to purchase donated, previously owned mums at a fraction of the cost.

“Students from previous years or current students donate the mums,” junior Kate Twardowski said. “When we get the mums, we take off the names and other affiliations that may not match with the student who purchases it. After that, the mums are ready to sell to students.”

No matter what option students chose, feathers were flying and lights lit up the halls to support the Panthers.