How To Make Or Break The Break

KAIDEN’S PICKS: Hot spots to spend a weeks worth of fun


Matilde Campodonico/AP Newsroom

With over a week away from school, many people are searching for ways to spend their break. One exciting idea is stopping by the Flippin Fun Center which has plenty of activities to choose from including bumpers cars, laser tag, and so much more.

Spring break is the highlight of the new semester – the time that makes students and faculty alike count the seconds until its arrival and makes all the hard work worthwhile. But, to get the fulfillment of spring break, you have to find an excellent way to spend it, so here is a list of local places for you to enjoy your break.

Speedy’s Fast Track

Speedy’s Fast Track is located at 11440 Hempstead Rd Houston, TX 77092. People who love challenges might find themselves visiting this establishment. Speedy’s features a full-scale go-kart race track, mini golf, laser tag, an arcade, and a dining experience. Speedy’s would make an excellent outing for people who want to challenge their families.

Flippin Fun Center

Second up is the Flippin Fun Center located at 5379 W Richey Rd Houston, TX 77066. This is for the people who want to have a more active experience. Like many places in Houston, it’s a trampoline park, but what sets it apart is that it adds so much more; it includes bumper cars, obstacle courses, and laser tag. They also sport several house events the staff hosts, such as dodgeball tournaments anyone can enter.

Before the number-one spot, when you go out to have fun, you need energy, and you can get that energy from some of these restaurants you can check out on your travels through the vast Houston area. 

The Travelers Table

The Travelers Table is an experience for those looking to expand their pallet and eating experience. As suggested by the name, the restaurant features various meals from around the globe, giving you a traveling experience right in your hometown. It is located at 520 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77006. 

The Greasy Spoon

The Greasy Spoon is a soul-food restaurant that gives you a taste of authenticity. It has a wide selection of traditional soul-food dishes like creamy oven-baked macaroni and crispy fried chicken, all served in a lunch line style and can be found at 520 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77006.

Popfancy Dessert Bar

Popfancy Dessert Bar is an excellent place to indulge in your dessert cravings. They host an expansive roster of traditional desserts done in modern ways, creating a sweet and unique treats that can be found at 9393 Bellaire Blvd, Ste A6, Houston, TX 77036.

Immersive Gamebox

To top off the list is a bit of a curve; a mall is a massive place of interest for people of all ages, whether it is for shopping, eating, or just hanging out with friends but in the mall lays a hidden surprise. Located at 1200 McKinney St, Unit 313, Houston, TX 77010 is the Immersive Gamebox. This is a full in-depth VR (Virtual Reality) experience. Their system allows you to dive into unseen worlds and even enter the realm of some of the world’s favorite shows, including the massive Netflix hit Squid Game. So if you want to be transported to a new world with family and friends, check out this place.