The Unstoppable Isaiah Jackson

Sophomore motivates and inspires through performance


Rachel Hartmann and Claire Baker

Isaiah Jackson performs for five nights as Sebastian in The Little Mermaid Musical.

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As a sophomore, finding out where you are meant to be and where you find your niche can be difficult. For Isaiah Jackson though,  seeing where he makes his impact comes naturally. 

Jackson is a sophomore involved in Theater, Choir, Student Council, and is Secretary for the Class of 2025. Jackson said he strives to inspire others throughout high school and works hard to achieve greatness. 

“I want to leave Klein Oak with no bad ties with anyone and knowing that I made at least one person happy,” Jackson said. “It feels surreal to have been able to accomplish many goals within my 2 years here at Klein Oak such as being able to represent the class of 2025 by being an officer while also being chosen for Homecoming duke, as well as achieving many things within the arts here at KO.”

Recently, Jackson played the lead role of Sebastian in the production of  The Little Mermaid. This role was a defining moment for Jackson and gave him a chance to inspire others, while showing them what it means to work towards a goal. He felt well-represented and was glad to help others feel represented as well through his performance. 

“I hope that other black kids at the school could view my representation as encouraging and I hope it gives them a sense of joy,” Jackson said. 

To help motivate himself and set personal goals Jackson said he focuses on the positive and pushes to be the best version of himself. 

“Some words that motivate and encourage me on my day-to-day basis are respect, confidence, and perseverance. ”

These words help Jackson be the person he is today. To Jackson, Black History Month is a time of strength and perseverance. He uses this month to reflect and allow it to influence him today. 

“Black history is a story of the strength and perseverance of black people throughout time. It means a lot to me that I am able to achieve many things today because of everything those before me fought for.”