Money Maker

Summer jobs free up school work schedules


Photo submitted by: Melissa Borges

Melissa Borges makes a sandwich for a customer at Potbelly while working her summer job.

Summer for some people means beach days, relaxation, and cooling off from the heat of Texas weather. However, many others use their summer “break” to work more, earning as much money as possible before school starts again. 

“Working over the summer is a lot better [than working during the school year],” senior Melissa Borges said. “I have more time to enjoy it instead of worrying about homework.” 

While the lack of schoolwork allows students to have a more open schedule, they still need to have specific skill sets in order to be successful in their jobs. Due to school being out, more people shop and eat out during the summer.

With the influx of customers, there is a greater demand for helpful people in customer service fields.

“I would probably work in customer service again,” Borges said. “I like helping people and seeing new faces.”

As the summer came to an end this year, Borges realized that school was just around the corner. With being part of many clubs and organizations, plus being in challenging classes, she has a lot to get done throughout the year and was glad she got to work in the summer.