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Mr. Debonair contestants thought long and hard about their game plan to win over the judge’s heart by showcasing a talent, answering questions, and cracking jokes. All this was put on to raise money for The Center.

Candidates talents ranged from performing songs, playing instruments and even some magic. This was a chance for these boys to showcase their hidden talents to the student body.

“Every day after school I went home and practiced my act for a few hours and practice waving in the mirror,” sophomore James Hasting said. “This was my first year participating and I am a little nervous about it, but also excited about it.”

Every year, Student Council chooses a charity to sponsor throughout the year. This year’s charity is The Center, which is a home for the mentally ill. We raised money during Homecoming to benefit the home along with the Mr. Debonair contest. Student Council raised over $6400 for the pageant and all the money will go to The Center.

“There’s a presidential cabinet made up of all the presidents of organizations and we voted on The Center as out school charity because it is not only for an awesome cause, but they also need a lot of help due to flooding from Harvey,” student council officer Luke Sexton said. “It feels great to contribute the cause, and I love how we can have so much fun doing it!”

Friday night was the night that all the boys could show off all the hard work they have been doing. The first portion of the night was an introduction for all the contestants then, they all answered random questions, then the boys got 3 minutes to showcase their talents, after that the group got together to perform a closing number to make up the night. Each act was unique, some contestants danced a combo, painted a piece of art, prepared a skit or even just did a little standup comedy. But, this years’ winner, Khalil Crawford, Mr. Theatre recited a poem to the audience about money and love. At the end of his act he had everyone up on their feet clapping as loud as they could and cheering that was roaring through the roof. His performance really stuck out for the judges, which led him to take home the title of Mr. Debonair.

“Figuring out my act was a journey to say the least. I ran through a lot of ideas before I decided to do spoken world. I really just wanted to do something different and stand out.” Mr. Debonair Winner, Khalil Crawford said. “I 100% did not expect to win or even plan on it. The only reason I was Mr. Theatre was because no one else could do it and I ended up winning so that’s pretty cool.”