American Heart Association Concert

This weekend the American Heart Association put on a charity performance to raise money for heart disease and strokes. It consisted of singing, dancing and some good old jazz music. Sophomores through seniors preformed to help raise money for this association.

Many students were able lend a hand by singing their hearts out Saturday night in the auditorium. Spreading the word of the concert to raise awareness of this disease that impacts so many was the goal of the night.

“Heart problems run in my family on my mom’s side,” junior Bella Jimenez said. “So, it’s really exciting and heartwarming to see people doing something for this cause.”

This concert was not just full of musicians but dancers as well. These students worked hard to create memorable stories on the dance floor, or to just excited the audience.

“When Ms. Curry said we were preforming at the concert I was excited,” sophomore Eric Gordillo said. “I think it’s important to spread awareness and hopefully find a cure.”

This club is coming together with everyone interested to try and find a cure to Heart Disease, whether it be through song or dance or just the willingness to stop this deadly illness.

“I created this club because my father died from Heart Disease,” President of American Heart Association, Jagrithi Nenawati, said. “I wanted to have this concert to raise money to help anyone else who is suffering from heart disease and save more heart ache.”