A Dish on Big Fish

It’s time to pull out your tap shoes and sheet music. The musical this year is the tony-nominated musical Big Fish, which is about a broken bond between father and son and their journey to mend their relationship back together. By preparing for the initial back to back auditions to learning a substantial amount of dance and singing.

Directors and students are banding together to prepare a successful musical that will open the last weekend of January.

“To prepare for the show, I listened to the soundtrack a bunch of times and researched it by watching it online,” junior, Timothy Thomas said. “Musical season is the best season and I’m excited to be a part of this years’ production.”

Many students are experiencing auditions for their second, third and even fourth times around. They’ve learned multiple techniques and have discovered what works best for them to be able to perform to their full capacity during auditions. These students are working with singing instructors through private lessons and taking multiple dance classes.

“I worked really hard to be able to receive the role I was given as I took many vocal lessons and choir has helped me tremendously,” sophomore, Elizabeth Cooper said. “I practiced in the mirror so I knew what I would look like and I performed for my parents to be able to be critiqued.”

Students are not the only ones excited for musical, directors have been planning for this musical since August. Figuring out the blocking and set plan they want to go by is not just a one-day task. All music and theatre directors held countless meetings that involve a plan to make musical the most enjoyable and entertaining show the school has ever done to date.

“It’s exciting to see some many people wanting to be involved in musical, we have over 70 company members,” said Musical Director, Michelle Smith. “I chose this musical because it’s a musical everyone can find something that they like in it and we have such talented students, I can’t wait.”