Duck, Duck, Book!

TAYSHAS Reading Contest

Reading 15 fiction books in the span of a few months may seem like a daunting task to some, but for many avid readers this is just another year of TAYSHAS. One dedicated student is even taking on the challenge of reading the entire book list. A whopping 74 books.

Annually, the library puts on a reading contest for the TAYSHAS list created by the Texas Library Association. Klein Oak is going into its ninth year of the contest and the librarians are hoping to encourage more students and teachers to participate. This year, the contest began at the beginning of the second semester and the deadline is May 8.

“I originally created the contest to create more incentive for reading at our school,” librarian Daniela Lankford said. “It’s allowed the librarians to really connect with the student body.”

Lankford was the one to create the contest nine years ago. The original prizes included school supplies and rubber duckies. The rubber duckies were earned when a student read three books and became the most popular prize. Now, the rubber duckies are the main prize and a large rubber ducky is won when a student reads 15 books.

“I learned about TAYSHAS freshman year when my English class visited the library,” senior Abigail Raebig said. “After completing 15 of the books on the list, there were so many more books I wanted to read.”

Raebig has participated in the contest every year from freshman to senior year. Not only has she won the large duck prize three years in a row, but she has also completed the entire TAYSHAS list every year she has been a part of the contest. This year, she plans on reading the entire list for the fourth time.

“I have found some of my favorite books through TAYSHAS,” senior Celest Villagran said. “I love having a group of people to talk to about the books I’m reading and the contest definitely provides that.”

There are at least 50 students and several teachers participating in the contest this year. In order to have books checked off of their list, each student has an informal discussion with one of the librarians about the book they have read.

“I really enjoy getting to know the students on a more personal level,” librarian Lindsay Nalley said. “The contest is a great way for us to talk to students over our common interest of reading.”

This year the library has added a referral reward. If a student recommends the contest to another student and convinces them to participate, the students get to have a free lunch of their choice with the librarians after the student reads their first book. Also, if a student reads at least three books on the list, they get entered into a raffle for a Barnes and Noble gift card. If a student reads 15 books, they get two entries into the raffle.

“TAYSHAS has really broadened my horizons as far as reading goes,” Villagran said. “I’ve gotten to explore many different genres and I can’t wait to dive into the list for this year.”