Color For A Cause


The air is thick with a powder mixture of many different colors. The music is loud as the participants splatter one another with bright oranges and pinks and blues. While this may seem like just fun and games, there’s a good cause behind all the color.

On November 12th, the Klein Oak Against Cancer Club (KOAC) held their third annual Color Run. Participation in the run cost $20 per person and included a Color Run shirt, a color powder packet, and a map of the track. The run began on the Klein Oak practice field and circled around Hildebrandt and Klein Oak. The event was open to the student body as well as the surrounding community.

“We have a volunteer base and club captains that help with a lot of the setup,” KOAC Officer and junior Carter Wiegand said. “Without them, we couldn’t have possibly pulled everything off in time.”

In order to setup for the Color Run, club members made posters to advertise the event to the student body. Also, the club had to purchase supplies such as the color packets and balloons. Not only this, but several volunteers were in charge of setting up color stations, blowing up balloons, and lining the designated track with colorful flags to direct participants.

“I participated in the run this year because it was always something I had wanted to do,” participant and senior Amanda Powell said. “My favorite part of the event was definitely the color bomb at the end.”

At the end of the run, all of the club members and runners gathered at the finish line and threw the contents of their color packets into the air, creating an explosion of color. However, the fun activities of this event were not the only incentive to participate.

“Our main goal has always been to promote awareness of those struggling with cancer,” KOAC sponsor Mrs. Modrejewski said. “I think we really achieved our goal this year.”

While the club did raise money for the event and will donate that money to a cancer fighting organization, they were proudest of their ability to promote awareness of cancer across the community. In order to continue the tradition and increase awareness, the club will be holding the Color Run for many years to come.

“I’m a huge supporter in the fight against cancer and I’m glad I was able to participate this year,” Powell said. “I think the Color Run is a great way to get the student body involved in helping a good cause.”