Volleyball Season Wrap-Up

The varsity volleyball team advanced to round 4 of playoffs which is the farthest they had gotten in many years. As the end of the season is approaching the volleyball team was reflecting on all the good times, memories, and accomplishments of this season.

Having a good relationship with your teammates and being able to life each other up is a prime example of what the volleyball team has been doing. Their caring attitudes toward each other on and off the court are keeping them going.

“Our team chemistry makes it so fun and memorable,” senior Hayley Farmer said. “We want to be able to push each other to be the best we can be, and no matter what we’re a team and we love each other.”

Spending all your time with a group of people means there will always be memories in the making. It may be on the court, or in the locker room but these memories will last these girls a life time.

“The people on this team, and the memoires we make together makes me happy to be on this team.” junior Sydney Grutzmacher said. “I will never forget how far we’ve come this past year, or these girls.”

Making it all the way to round 4 of playoffs is quite a way to end the season. How these girls trained and pushed themselves as hard as they could to get this far, shows their dedication to this team.

“What’s made me the proudest is that we have been able to accomplish so much this season.” Junior Brooke Borden said, “We have pushed ourselves to be the best that we can be.”