New Shimmer

Strutter Dance team unveils new uniforms for upcoming basketball season


Submitted by Ashleigh Albright

Showing off their new Strutter uniforms, the basketball squad pose for a photo after the win for the Panthers.

With glistening rhinestones carving the Strutters logo and eye-catching fringe lining the front of the uniform. The dance team is beginning a new tradition, the introduction of basketball squads, and with that comes the signature black and gleaming gold brand-new uniforms.

“Our new Strutter uniforms are so adorable,” junior Ashleigh Albright said.  “I love the fringe on the top, it’s super fun and the rhinestones are so sparkly. These uniforms are perfect for cheering on our Panthers while looking fabulous. They give us lots of motivation because who doesn’t want to wear a new sparkly uniform?”

Previously, Strutters only performed at football games, but now the team has transitioned to basketball to add more school spirit and participation. Involving the Strutters allows the team to seek new audiences and more opportunities to showcase their skills. On the court, the Strutters are performing new routines and techniques to prepare for their competition season. 

“Being able to participate in the basketball games while also being a part of Strutters has been a great experience for us as a team,” senior Alona Smothers said. “Not only does this allow us to understand the games better, but we are also able to express our devotion towards school spirit. Showing up and cheering on both the guys and girls lets the players know that we love what we do, and love being there to support other activities as well.”

As the season picks up, Strutters are adding a new and enjoyable element to the games, performing dance routines and sideline cheers during the games. Divided into three groups, for home games, the team helps to lead the student section and fans to cheer on the black and gold. 

“This was our very first year to attend the basketball games as a team,” junior Brooke Garcia said. “We are there to support the players with our basketball chants and sideline routines. It was such a great surprise to receive new ‘pep’ uniforms that we will be able to wear at the basketball games as well as other events.”

The dedicated Strutters will continue to perform at basketball games but aside from performing at games, the dance team has a competitive aspect. The team competes against other schools at competitions. Between learning the dances and performing at the basketball games and competitions, the team has a full season.

“We love being able to our and support our fellow Panthers,” senior Kate Penrod said. “Basketball season overlaps with our competition season, but doing the games it’s not only helping the players because they have more people to cheer them on, but it is also helping to strengthen our bond. Having good team bonds means everything when coming into competition season.”