Yo Poguelandia, We’re Back!

REVIEW: Outer Banks returns for third season


Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

The cast of Outer Banks arrive at the season three premiere of Netflix’s hit teen tv show.

Outer Banks (OBX) is back with a brand new season and is rockin’ the fans’ hearts. The third season tells the story of another gold treasure, this time in the city El Dorado, and is bringing back America’s favorite Pogues. 

Now that Big John (Charles Halford) is back, John B (Chase Stokes) is spending all of the time he has with his dad working on the new treasure hunt, while Pope (Jonathan Davis), Cleo (Carlacia Grant), Kie (Madison Bailey) and JJ (Rudy Pankow) try to get the stolen Cross of Santo Domingo back. Sarah (Madelyn Cline) is busy having to deal with her crazy dad and brother, and also with the reproach between her and Topper (Austin North). 

As a big fan of OBX, Paradise on Earth, I was super excited to watch the third season’s plot and the character’s developments, since a lot of drama happened in the last season. 

The creators and directors of the show, Jonas and Josh Pate, spoiled that one of the fans’ favorite couple JJ and Kie would happen in this season, and I couldn’t wait to see that. They definitely fulfilled all of my expectations and I’m 100% team Jiara! 

The story also features a love triangle between John B, Sarah and Topper, which was not well seen by the fans when the first trailer came out. Topper has a really important role in this season because he challenges the love birds and messes with Sarah’s feelings for John B, making her wonder and doubt their relationship. 

It was perfect how the creators mixed the last season’s plot with a new treasure hunt and how they explored the Pogues’ living their individual lives and facing problems with their own families and traumas. It was good to understand what’s going on with the characters and what motivates them as well as analyze why some of them are making the choices they made. 

Every show has its ups and downs, and this season of OBX was no different. The final episode was disappointing when it comes to how the Pate Brothers ended things. There was an 18- month time skip used as an excuse to introduce a new mystery for season four that was already confirmed on Netflix. It left a bad taste in my mouth and leaves the fans wondering what happened during that time gap, which hopefully they’ll explain before moving on to the next season.

Overall, I was surprised with the new and returning characters and how the show was way better than I could’ve ever expected. It’s definitely worth binging over spring break!