For the Love of Culture

Oak’s Asian Culture Club plans kicks off


Jacinto Deleon

Club emblem designed by senior Jacinto Deleon.

Oak’s Asian Culture Club has been around since 2018, but this year the club plans to completely revamp the organization with senior Jacinto DeLeon debuting as president.

As a non-profit club that educates people on Asian cultures and actively donates to vulnerable groups in Asia, any profit made by Asian Culture Club will be donated to various organizations.

Everyone is welcomed with open arms to join. The club is not limited to only people of the Asian community, but to encourage the youth to make an early impact throughout the world through exploring the many cultural treasures Asia has to offer.

“I’m hoping to see more diversity in the Asian Culture Club,” Deleon said.

The first meeting will be held over Zoom on Friday, October 2 at 3 pm.

Complete the interest form below to join the club and to get the Zoom link.