Trendy Teens

Hot ticket items keep pockets empty


Kailey Sledge

From Vans to fake tans, students look to advertising and famous role models to form latest crazes.

Fashion, shoes, technology, food, hairstyles. All are trends and they are constantly going in and out of style. But no matter the cost, teens are always trying to keep up with what’s in.

Apple’s Bluetooth earbuds known as Airpods are the biggest craze right now. Many people got them during the holidays and haven’t stopped wearing them since.

“I use my Airpods all the time because of how convenient they are. I just recently got them after my friends told me how much better they are than regular headphones,” junior Hunter Smith said.

Another trend that can be seen circulating through the halls is Birkenstocks sandals. Both guys and girls buy them because they can be worn with almost anything. Vans, Chacos, and Adidas are some other shoes that multiple students strap on their feet. Some even admit to preferring Crocs.

“I wear my Birkenstocks all the time because of how cute and comfortable they are. I even have three different pairs,” senior Callie Mills said.

As the weather is getting hotter, teens are staying hydrated by bringing their trendiest water bottles to school. Hydro Flasks, Camelback and Corkcicle are some of the most popular bottles this year. Recently people have been decorating them with added accessories such as stickers, bracelets and tassels.

I’ve had my Camelback for almost a year now and I love being able to put stickers on it from the places I’ve been.

— Christina Hartmann

“I’ve had my Camelback for almost a year now and I love being able to put stickers on it from the places I’ve been,” sophomore Christina Hartmann said.

As the school year goes on, students’ interest in dressing up for school dies off. Teens often lean towards the comfiest options in their closet, such as Nike shorts, leggings and a big t-shirt.

“Almost every day I roll out of bed and throw on a t-shirt and shorts because it is the easiest and most comfortable for school, especially now that it’s the end of the year,” sophomore Ashelyn Phelan said. “It’s harder to wake up and put on a cute outfit.

One dead trend that most students saw go out almost as quickly as it entered was fidget spinners. They were everywhere in 2018, and students were spinning them constantly. As soon as the trend caught on people were already getting bored.

“I think fidget spinners were popular for about a month, then I didn’t want to see one ever again. My teachers hated them and always had to take them up. This made them not as popular because we couldn’t even bring them to school,” freshman Kayla Jones said.

Whether it’s flipping water bottles, sipping coffee at trending cafes, or lugging around a blanket to keep warm in class, trends are meant to go out with the next hot item.