Winter Movie Time

Not-so-commonly known films repeat on streaming platforms during winter

Even+after+the+holidays%2C+cozy+movie+nights+bring+families+and+friends+together.+ Lach

Even after the holidays, cozy movie nights bring families and friends together.

Everyone knows the classic winter/holiday movies, such as Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Polar Express but sometimes watching the same films over and over can get a little repetitive. Instead, try out these lesser known movies set in winter to get you through the cold nights.

Happiest Season (HULU)
A young woman invites her girlfriend to her family’s annual holiday party where her girlfriend plans to propose, however, they are disguised as roommates. This romantic comedy goes through their struggles of trying to make it through her conservative parents’ celebration without being caught.

Silent Night, Bloody Night (Tubi- free)
On Christmas Eve, a man and his girlfriend visit his inherited home that just so happens to be a former asylum. Throughout the night, they realize there is an unexpected guest lurking outside.

Black Christmas (Youtube- free)
During winter break, a group of sorority sisters are harassed with terrifying anonymous phone calls. When one of the sisters goes missing and a child is murdered nearby, they realize the killer is closer than they think.

Iron Man 3 (Disney+)
Though not a Christmas movie, the movie takes place around the theme of Christmas and has many alluded Christmas traditions in it. Tony Stark suffers from PTSD after getting attacked in New York while fighting with the Avengers. He is thrown out of his lavish lifestyle by a radical terrorist group and finds himself in a small town during the holidays where he must overcome his shortcoming and find out what made him who he was to begin with.

Krampus (HULU)
The ancient European beast, Krampus, punishes naughty children during Christmas time. When Max, a child of a not so ordinary family, loses his holiday spirit, his loved ones must come together to save him from the wrath of Krampus.

Falling for Christmas (Netflix)
Mean Girl’s Lindsay Lohan makes her break back onto the big screens of the living room with her starring in this 2022 Christmas movie. Being a spoiled heiress, Lohan loses her memory in a skiing accident and all of a sudden wakes up in the care of a widowed lodge owner.

Even though the holidays are over, viewers can sit down with some hot chocolate and a nice warm blanket to enjoy these movies now that the hustle and bustle has gone for another year.