Fish Fest

New students mix it up at first dance


Each year, Student Council offers a mixer for incoming freshmen to help unite all of the kids from the different middle schools. One of the games to be played will be a version of the classic TV game show “The Dating Game”.

The first week of school is definitely one of the most unusual times of the year, especially for freshmen.

Student Council holds an opportunity for freshmen after their first week of school to get together and have a good time.

The Freshman Mixer is casual and full of “fun activities. [It’s] a chance to win a Homecoming ticket,” Susan Parent, Student Council sponsor, said.

The party is going to be full of energy on Saturday night from 7 – 9 in the small gym.

Tickets are five dollars at the door. Students will enjoy the interactive activities, games, opportunities to make new friends and see the friends they already have.

The mixer is also a chance to help raise money for the Freshman Class.

Student Council officers hope this mixer will unite the fish together to celebrate the end of the first week as well as the beginning of their four years in high school.