Campus Calamity

Reasons vary for attending on-campus learning


Matthew Stuckey

Walking through the hallways of the school, students head to their rides to go home while keeping social distancing guidelines in mind.

After the extended summer, many students began to fill the halls of the school. Teenagers eagerly waited all summer to see the friends that they have not seen for more than four months. But were they in for a big surprise.

One would normally see the halls lined with students finding their classes, catching up with friends, or maybe talking to past teachers. This year, however, due to the Coronavirus, every student was given the option to either come to school or to learn from home which caused the first day of classes to look completely different than in the past.

Every student has their own reason for choosing to come to school on campus whether it be to see their friends or to get out of the house.

“I mainly came to see friends and when we did the semester at the end of last year I could not do that and I needed a teacher to actually be there physically,” junior Hope Andersen said.

Even though there are many students that are still nervous and unsure about on-campus life since the coronavirus is still present, the administration and staff has done as much as possible to ensure the safety of the students.

Life on campus is very different from last year. Everyone has adapted to the new environment that was brought along with the coronavirus. New policies and regulations have been put in place to help increase the safety for each student and staff member so we can try to have a little bit of normalcy returned to our lives.

“It’s a different atmosphere but it is just better than staying home,” junior Jenna Colby said.