Tommy Tunes Awards

Oak is one of 50 schools in Greater Houston participating at the Tommy Tune Award Ceremony on Tue. April 30 in The Hobby Center.

Each high school is nominated for their best theatre musical productions in up to 15 categories. Cast members, instrument players in the pit and directors can be selected to receive awards.

According to, “The Tommy Tune Awards Program celebrates the educational value, artistry, and community of high school musical theatre in the Greater Houston area through adjudication, healthy competition, and creative programming.”

Eight high schools made the cut to perform a song from their nominated play in front of well-recognized choreographers, directors and actors.

In an unusual coincidence, Oak and another school, Emery/Weiner School, will be performing “Bright Star” in an attempt to gain the overall win.

Having visited the competitor’s play of “Bright Star,” a junior, Dylan Delgatto was able to recognizing the small aspects that had a huge impact on the quality of Emery/Weiners version.

“Compared to the other school’s performance, Oak’s casting had more connection between character and actor as well as the approach toward the plays inner meaning,” Delgatto said.

Delgatto added that researching other schools is not only fun but allows the Oak students to size up the competition. “Watching the other schools perform allows us to see what type of talent they have and how they perform.”

Many of the students from Oak’s cast of “Bright Star” production said they are ecstatic about being nominated and hopefully winning in the nine nominated categories.