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Kamryn Marroquin, Editor

Favorite Part of Staff: My favorite part of staff is being surrounded by a bunch of fun people and getting to know them

Favorite Part of Klein Oak: My favorite part of Oak is all the opportunities that are given to the students

Clubs and Activities: Quill and Scroll, NHS, and NEHS

Words to Live By: "I sometimes find, and I am sure you know the feeling, that I simply have too many thoughts and memories crammed into my mind." -Dumbledore

Favorite Things: Anime, spicy foods, writing, books and sleep

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Math teacher and cheer coach Jeffery Dean leads the Panthers For Christ club in a time to learn about God and connect with peers. The group meets every Wednesday morning in the athletic conference room and encourages interested students to stop by. “Our goal is to grow fellowship here at Klein Oak so students are able to stay true to their faith in an environment outside of the church,” senior member Devin Summers said.

Light Unto My Path

October 24, 2022
Senior Devin Summers signs into school after showing up late. The attendance policy states that students must be present for a class 90% of the time.

Stay In School, Kids

September 8, 2022
According to The New York Times, Harris County is at a 10,301 death count with 969K reported cases. In the whole of Texas, there are 6.37M  reported cases and a 80,909 death toll. Due to dire impacts, the district has set in place protocals to keep staff and students safe.

Kick Corona To the Curb

February 9, 2022
Creative Writing students, senior Helen Casadiego Colmenarez and junior Claire Hunt type away while taking notes on what makes a great story to enhance future work. “Just being in a class with others who share the same interest in writing, I feel that I’ve improved my writing style through listening to their stories,” Hunt said. “It’s a very engaging class that forces me to think of new ideas and expand my capability of writing beyond its comfort zone.” The course is urged for those who are looking for an artistic outlet on campus.

One Word At a Time

January 24, 2022
Chase Stokes, known as John B in the show, returns playing Outer Banks main character in the highly anticipate season two.

Pogues For Life

September 9, 2021
Hardcore gamer

GG Fellow Gamers

December 7, 2020
Senior Laila Henry works on a project about Sojourner Truth  during the Slave Rebellion. The new African American Studies class in one way students can explore history of a select group of people.

Deeper Roots

April 10, 2020
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Kamryn Marroquin