Anti-bullying and Long Sleeved Shirts

Famous clothing company comes to spread positivity


Jake Curl

The High School Nation poster displays positive bright messages for people to put on and take.

Fly guys, colors of the rainbow and positivity from Hollister California flooded the cafeteria. Hollister, the well-known clothing company, is a name that many people know about, yet it was a surprise to have the representatives on campus.


Even though the company was passing out free special edition shirts and merchandise, they weren’t just here to promote themselves. The company was here to help spread positivity and anti-bullying.


High School Nation, a non-profit organization, contacted Klein Oak asking if they could come by to host an event to spread positivity.


“I didn’t really know what it was, but when I looked online, I saw all the cool things that they did and figured we could give it a try,” Assistant Principal Francis Ditta said.


So, the administration took a chance and High School Nation came to the cafeteria to do what they do best. High School Nation uses music and art to promote anti- bullying and stop negativity.


“The bright color sticky notes got everyone’s attention I loved them a lot. The positive messages reminded everyone how important they are,” senior Ethan Perez said.


High School Nation travels to about 175 schools throughout the year to help grab the attention of student to ant-bullying. They used Hollister’s designed sticky notes, banners, fly guys and bright colors to do just that.


“It was exciting and enjoyable because everyone was interacting, it made school more fun,” freshman Aaron Newell said.


Towards the front of the cafeteria a rising musical artist, Bethany Becker, was singing some jams such as “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus. This allowed for the students to interact with singing among one another and allowing lunch to be something that it usually is not.

Traveling with High School Nation, rising country artist Bethany Becker, performs during lunches to create an uplifting atmosphere in the cafeteria.  Photo by Jake Curl

High School Nation not only used music to draw the attention of students, but also used bright colors that popped off everything else. For instance, they hung up posters of different bright colors around the entire cafeteria to help promote positivity. With these posters they also created a giant banner with the designed sticky notes with positive messages on them.


The students received these sticky notes in the designed fanny packs that Hollister was passing out. In addition to the sticky notes the students also got a pencil, pin and a chance to win a massive pizza party. With this students are encouraged to use the notes for positive reasons to help promote against bullying.


“We are here for the kids. The reason this merch is free is because we want these kids to use their money for lunch; not every kid is wealthy,” Assistant director Alfonso Vargas said.


Hollister partnered with High School Nation because they want to spread the same

idea of caring and positivity of the organization. And Klein Oak partnered with them to spread the same message to Oak students.