The Mannequin Challenge

First there was the Cinnamon challenge, then there was the Salt and Ice challenge, a year ago there was the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, and now there’s the Mannequin challenge. Much like the others, this viral internet challenge has taken the world by storm, causing all social media apps/websites to be filled with the so called Mannequin Challenge at every scroll.

The Mannequin challenge is best described as when a group of people go in a public setting and pose like mannequins in stores like Old Navy or Macy’s. The roots of this viral trend have been traced back to a high school student named Emili from Jacksonville, Florida. One day her and her friends did it in front of their class then decided it was a good idea for an internet challenge, so they posted it with the infamous hashtag, #MannequinChallenge.

Since that late October day, everyone from other class mates to stars like Kevin Hart and 2 Chainz have attempted this challenge. This craze has traveled all over the world from college campuses to middle schools in an attempt to go viral. Although most internet challenges come and go pretty quickly, this one has already lasted almost a month, which could mean its end is near.