New Tech

With phones costing more than $2,000, or a reinvention of today’s cell phone shaped like a round rock, technology has been rapidly increasing with the production of the latest inventions.

Motorola and BlackBerry both have phones that have recently been released that cost around $2,000. Porsche Automotive has teamed up with BlackBerry to create a phone called the P’9983. With graphic-metallic colored elements with a back door cover hand wrapped in fine leather, BlackBerry’s hopes are to get back on the market in competing with other phones. Motorola also has released a phone in which the price tag is four times the amount of an iPhone 6. Looking very similar to an old Motorola phone, the new Aura, has a unique sapphire crystal display.

Another fresh idea to the “smartphone fad” is the Runcible, an “anti-smartphone” due to the lack of apps and things all smartphones nowadays have. The circular cell phone has the abilities to simply call, text, browse the web and take photos. This rounded off phone fits inside of the users palm for easy use. The Runcible should be available for sales at the end of the year for about $600.

More on new technology are the fairly recent smart watches coming out that have the ability to read text notifications, play music via Bluetooth connected from your phone and even tell how many steps you take in a day. Recently, Apple has come out with an Apple Watch that they are improving to provide app services with voice control, maps and directions, and even the ability to make phone calls. This new gold plated Apple Watch will cost a hefty $10,000-$17,000 and became available for pre-order on April 10.