“Death of a Bachelor” review

Mekayla Butler, reporter

Typically when a band decides to go their separate ways it means they are done coming out with music, but not in the case of Panic! At the Disco. Brendon Urie has stuck around to give their fans another album, despite the fact that he is the only member of the Las Vegas based pop-punk band left. “Death of a Bachelor” is the latest album produced under the Panic! At the Disco name, and much like their past albums, it does not disappoint.

The band has been known to change their style of music between albums and “Death of a Bachelor” is no exception.  This album combines their solid, established pop-punk sound with a throwback to traditional pop found in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Brendon Urie, despite being the only member still in the band, did an incredible job at putting together another album. Urie now takes credit as the band’s vocalist, guitarist, bassist and drummer, and does all of these things throughout the album (except for the song “Hallelujah”, which is drummed by Mark Stepro).

“Death of a Bachelor” peaked at No.1 on Billboard’s 200, as well as No.1 on the top rock album and No.1 on top alternative album, both for Billboard. The music video for the single off the album of the same name was released on Christmas Eve and already has almost 29 million views.  The song and video are reminiscent of Frank Sinatra, who Urie has stated is his role model. A similar sound also exists in the songs “Hallelujah” and “Crazy=Genius”. The song that greatest exemplifies the band’s ability to change is the single “Emperor’s New Clothes”. The video itself shows a metamorphosis of their past appearance and sound versus what Urie has decided to do with the Panic! At the Disco name now that it is only his.

In comparison to their last two albums, this one is probably the farthest from any of their past music they have ever come out with. Although the band has technically broken up, if this album is any indicator of potential music Brendon Urie will be releasing we can only hope that Panic! At the Disco stays around for a long time to come.