Positivity: the cure-all

Sophie Pressler, Reporter

It seems more and more often students are getting tangled in a web of negativity. In trying to juggle a social life, school, and time with family, it can be easy to give up on all three and let stress dictate one’s choices. This stress can create a lot of turmoil in a student’s life as well as promoting general unhappiness.

However, there are ways to combat an overwhelming schedule and be significantly happier. A positive attitude can have a major and helpful impact on how students handle their school work, their relationships and their own happiness.

One of the areas considerably affected by a positive attitude is how well a student performs academically. A positive approach can greatly reduce procrastination and give students the motivation to succeed and make something of themselves. Rather than seeing tasks such as homework as daunting and time-consuming, positive thinkers are able to look ahead and see how assignments will help them to improve academically. Furthermore, students with positive attitudes are more likely to dream of a bright future and strive to achieve that goal because they believe they have the ability. In fact, several psychological experiments have found that instilling a positive attitude in young students has improved math and science grades, reduced suspensions and reduced absenteeism. This shows that positivity should be taught to students at a young age in order to set them up for a prosperous future.

Another part of a student’s life that is greatly improved by positivity is their social life. Generally, it’s easier for a person to make close friends if they have an uplifting personality rather than if they see every bad experience as the end of the world. Also, due to the time-management skills acquired by a positive thinker, they will have much more time to hang out and having fun with friends. A student with a better social life will most likely be happier than a student who is riddled with stress and anxiety due to extreme procrastination and negativity. This is why a positive attitude is important in maintaining good relationships with not only friends but also family members, allowing everyone involved to benefit from one person’s optimistic personality.

One of the most important things affected by positivity is one’s own well-being. An optimistic outlook can greatly improve nearly every aspect in a person’s life including their emotional health. With the weight of stress lifted off of their shoulders, a student is able to focus on hobbies and take the time to find out who they are as a person. This optimism creates a well-rounded and emotionally stable student who is ready to take on the real world.

Some may argue that positivity does not have a drastic effect because it does not change the sheer amount of different activities a student must manage. However, a positive attitude can help students to better manage their time by cutting out procrastination and helping them to complete tasks one at a time in order to keep from becoming overwhelmed. While the amount of work doesn’t change, the student’s outlook on their work is greatly improved. This is not only good for high school but also helps them later in life.

All in all, positivity is almost crucial to having an enjoyable, worthwhile, and educational high school experiences. An optimistic personality teaches students how to manage their time and look forward to a bright future. This is why positivity is the key to success in school and later in life.