How fashion trends come back around

Every couple of years, we see different fashion trends come around. In recent years, we have seen trends like choker necklaces, dark lipsticks, and velour dresses from the 1990’s come back into people’s wardrobes. Crop tops and high waisted pants from the 1980’s have found themselves on runways and anywhere you can find a teenager. While some people would rather these trends die with their era, they really give current and future generations more options for fashion, and help to keep things interesting.

More and more you see people going to thrift shops and second hand stores to buy their clothes, or even raiding their parents’ closets for retro choices. Doing this leads to people spending less money on clothing from overpriced department stores. Less money being spent on current name brands means more money being spent on things people actually need.

Reoccurring fashion trends are what created the idea of “vintage” clothing. Overalls, turtlenecks, platform shoes, and Doc Martens were all popular in the 1990’s, and now when you step outside, you can see dozens of people wearing them. These trends coming back around help keep the past alive. Young people will see photographs of their parents or their favorite celebrities 20 years ago and will want to dress like them. This keeps makeup, hair, and clothing from decades ago relevant and current.

People will say that letting old trends come back around is a bad thing. They believe that fashion trends coming back hinders fashion from evolving and really being as innovative as it could be. However, this could not be more wrong, if anything, it does the exact opposite of that. New trends in fashion are almost always inspired by things from the past, for example the bustier tops women wear now are inspired by corsets that have been worn since the 14th century to make women’s waists smaller.

The fashion industry always seems to come full circle at some point or another, and this is never a bad thing. Every trend that pops up is almost guaranteed to have been around several years (or maybe even decades) before. Despite what people say about fashion and what should or should not be worn, everyone should just dress however they want as long as they feel comfortable and happy.