Harper Lee to publish first book in 55 years

On February 3 the Associated Press reported HarperCollins Publishers’ announcement that Harper Lee, renowned author of the bestselling classic To Kill A Mockingbird, will publish her first book in 55 years. The novel, titled Go Set A Watchman according to The New York Times, is a sequel to Lee’s renowned bestseller and is written from the perspective of an adult Scout Finch returning to her hometown 20 years after the events of To Kill A Mockingbird.
Originally, Go Set A Watchman was the first draft of what Lee’s editor eventually helped her turn into To Kill A Mockingbird after it was decided that the adult protagonist’s flashbacks to her childhood would make a better novel. According to The Guardian, Lee’s attorney Tonja Carter discovered the original manuscript, previously considered lost, three months ago. Go Set A Watchman will feature familiar characters such as Atticus Finch and the same town of Maycomb, Alabama. Publication is set for July 14.