2015 Grammy Recap

The 57th Annual Grammy Awards took place on February 8, and as usual, the night was filled with great performances and the recognition of many talented artists. While a lot of what happened went as expected, in true Grammy fashion, the night had many unexpected events.

With 23 performances from 36 musicians, on social media, many were praised while others were scrutinized. The night was filled with odes to classics, from Usher performing with Stevie Wonder to Ed Sheeran performing ELO’s classic song “Mr. Blue Sky”. AC/DC, Tom Jones (with Jessie J), Annie Lennox (with Hozier), and Tony Bennett (with Lady Gaga) all had their time onstage performing both old and new music.

Several political statements were also made during the evening’s performances. Katy Perry took a stand against domestic violence with her performance of “By the Grace of God”. Pharrell, John Legend, Common, and Beyoncé all paid homage to the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” movement during their performances.

The awards, like the performances, caused quite a stir on social media. Sam Smith won four of the six awards he was nominate for, while Iggy Azalea won zero of her four nominations. Wayne Shorter, the Bee Gees, George Harrison, Pierre Boulez, Flaco Jiménez, the Louvin Brothers, and Buddy Guy were all honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Album of the year, went to Beck for his album “Morning Phase”, beating out Sam Smith’s “In the Lonely Hour” and Beyoncé’s self-titled album.

Despite the fact that there were some unforeseen twists, everyone could find something that they enjoyed in the nights events. All in all, the Grammy’s lived up to their expectation of being memorable and worth watching.