The post midterm slump

The majority of students will experience a “post-midterm slump” during this time of year. The excitement of the holidays has passed, and the next few months are bleak with cold weather and few breaks. Midterms aren’t pressuring students either, so there isn’t much motivation. The next few months don’t have to drag on, however. By eliminating some behaviors and adopting a new mentality, students can help make January through May pass by quickly and pain free.
One main reason for the lack of determination and excitement is that students feel as if they have more time than they actually do. In the middle of January, finals feel eons away, and it feels as if there is no reason to begin thinking about them. While it is not necessary to worry, it is the perfect time to begin preparing. By making goals and plans to achieve those goals now, when finals come around there will be no reason to panic or cram. If students take the time to thoroughly learn the material now, in four months they will feel prepared and confident in their abilities to ace the tests.
Another factor in the “post midterm slump” is the weather. Although people may not realize it, they are deeply affected by the temperature. Regardless of if they love cold weather or not, it subliminally causes us to feel less motivated. When people think of winter, they think of sitting by the warm fire, wrapped in blankets, sipping hot chocolate. Nobody feels like going out for a run or studying when it’s freezing outside. It is difficult to find the balance between being happy now and creating happiness for later, but by making time for both working hard and playing hard people can feel the benefits of both.
Although it can be hard to avoid falling into the usual languid mentality of resting and focusing on short-term comfort rather than long-term goals, it is not impossible. If students can push past the allure of comfy couches and Netflix, when spring rolls around they will feel completely on top of things and feel the benefits of all their hard work.