6A Schools Introduced to Texas

Due to growing student populations Texas is introducing a 6A classification for schools all around the state. After being a 5A school for years, Klein Oak has been upgraded to a 6a school, along with several other schools in the region.

The organization of schools between 1A, 2A, 3A, and so on are based on student population. They felt it was necessary to create an entirely new classification due to some “powerhouse” schools having such a large student population. The 6A classification includes all schools with populations with 2,100 students or more.

The UIL organizations mainly affect activities such as sports, like football, choir, orchestra, band, and other competitive academic teams. The division between schools based on population has been put in place in order for the playing field between larger and smaller schools to be fair.

While being reassigned to another level changes which schools our teams compete against at UIL competitions, most of the schools we already competed against have moved up to a 6A classification as well. However, this means we will compete against schools like Friendswood and Magnolia, which we have never had to compete against before.