Changes Around the School


With every school year comes new changes and additions. The biggest visible difference is the new schedule change allowing students to go in for extra help in a new period called Panther Den. Three days a week, students have the ability to go into classes for tutorials and help in assistance in different subjects.

“No matter what the goal is for the student, Panther Den is a way to address ways to teach, reteach and help students. In the long run, I hope to help students receive scholarships and résumés for college,” Dr. Greeney said, “Panther Den is helping us serve the student body better.”

Another change for the year is how parking spots were chosen. With the increased size of the junior and senior classes and the fact that there are only 789 parking spots, a new process for parking spot distribution was necessary. The new process did not come without student disapproval, but per administration, this was the most efficient way. To help with overcrowding in the parking lot, carpooling was initiated. With 75 spots available for carpooling students, this seeme3d to also help with the parking spot shortage.