Expansion in Spring


In 2000, Spring had a population of 36,385. In 2010, that number rose to 54,598 residents. With all the building and road construction in the area, there is no sign that the population increase is slowing down.

In 2015, a new Exxon Mobil campus will open near The Woodlands, and it will welcome approximately 10,000 Exxon employees. Those employees will be bringing their families along with them.

“All of the new people in the area are great for our economy,” Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness teacher Mary Landry said. “It will stimulate employment and real-estate, and make more money for our city.”

As well as Exxon coming to the area, there is also a new apartment complex and neighborhoods under construction, both are zoned for Klein Oak. The opening of these residencies means more students to the school, which leaves some people worried about possible over-crowding, however, others do not mind.

“The idea of more people coming to the area doesn’t really bother me,” senior Raimundo Rodriguez said. “It’s good that we have more people in the area, because Spring has always been such a small place.”

A new addition to the highway system, the Grand Parkway, is also under construction. It is a 180 mile highway that covers seven counties around the Greater Houston area. The highway was approved on October 1984, and is not expected to be completed until after 2020. According to the official website, it was established to facilitate the efficient development of Houston’s third outer highway loop to serve the mobility needs of the Houston area. Currently, several different segments of the highway are under construction, and the segment that effects the Klein Oak area is not expected to be completed until late 2015.

“All of the construction is really inconvenient, mostly because of all the traffic,” junior Kayla Watson said. “Trying to get in and out of the school every day is super annoying. People are having to constantly stop and slow down; it would just be a lot easier without it.”

Along with the increase in population and roadways, the area is also getting a lot of restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment options.

“I like to think that the small town that I’ve grown up in is growing,” junior Kristen Hodges said. “In the past couple of years, seeing all the new people, houses, and buildings popping up is really cool.”