How To: Ask A Date To Prom


Prom season has begun. Dresses and tuxedos are on sale, prom tickets are being sold at the lunches of every high school cafeteria, and groups for before and after festivities are being formed. These are the steps taken each year to prepare for the most anticipated social event in high school.

Some people complain about the extravagant ways of being asked to prom, because they think it is too much, but it can still be special without overdoing it. A new way of asking a date to prom has presented itself just recently.  This new fad can be over the top and is not completely necessary and it’s called a “promposal.” Ideas to ask a date to prom can include using flowers, banners, a vehicle, even friends to help out. Just make sure it is not too formal.

A “promposal” is not absolutely necessary for asking a date to prom. A simple asking of “Will you go to prom with me?” is still acceptable. Those who are not as creative can use this simpler technique and still get their point across. Do not ask a date to prom over the phone, do it in person. This is probably the most important thing to remember in asking a date to prom, because sometimes this generation forgets the importance of being sincere and communicating in person.

Prom is not just a one night event.  It takes place over the course of a few months and starts when the “promposal” takes place. Remember to be genuine and to not over think it and become self conscious of whether it will be good enough; because in the end no matter how “horrible” a “promposal” is compared to others, the invitation will still most likely be accepted.

Some people feel that the way asked is the most important part of prom season, but this is not true. Asking a date to prom is just one of the many factors to the season of prom. Don’t forget about the other parts of prom and that the “promposal” is just the first step to the celebration.