Astros Seasons Begins

The Astros official 2014 season started April 1, with a winning game against the New York Yankees. Before the game two former Astros players, Nolan Ryan and Craig Biggio, preformed the ceremonial first pitch. With a strong first two games, the Astros continued with their familiar streak of losing . As of April 14, the Astros have lost eight of their 13 games with no sweepstake win just yet.

Since the switch to the American league, and the whole team being reorganized there was hope for improvement in scores by the Astros. Three top batters as of right now for the 2014 season are  L.J Hoes with an average of .267, Jesus Guzman with .269 and longtime Astros player, Jose Altuve with an average of .286. The next game is Tuesday, April 15 and starts a three game series against The Royals.