“No-Shave” November

No-Shave November

As November rolls around, men all over decide to take part in “No- Shave November” or what used to be called “Movember” a portmanteau of mustache and the month of November. In 2004, a group of men in Melbourne, Victoria organized an event where they would grow a mustache for 30 days in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer and depression in men. While “Movember” still exists, time passed and “Movember” came to be commonly known as “No-Shave November”.

Young men with the ability to grow facial hair here tried to participate, but unfortunately they have been handed the can of shaving cream and the three bladed razor by many administrators. The student handbook says that students must stay well groomed and are not permitted to grow beards or mustaches, but are allowed to have sideburns if they do not pass the ear lobe in length. This rule is a safety precaution for all of the administrators and teachers to point out exactly who belongs in the building and who doesn’t. Being well groomed also discourages distractions during class.

Facial hair can be a distraction and a safety violation, but we should be able to participate in “No-Shave November”. If we can raise awareness for breast cancer, why can’t we do the same for prostate cancer? One month of the school year to be able to boast yet also raise awareness of men’s health issues should be acceptable.